Preaching Plan

Preaching Plan

One of our core values is “Bible – We study, preach, apply, and share God’s Word.” Every year we work through sermon series exploring books of the Bible and various topics we need to understand. You can check out our current ministry year’s plan below and if you would like to see previous years you can find those here.  Updated: March 10th, 2020.

Everyday Wisdom | Proverbs – Summer & Fall 2019

Ever wonder what the book of Proverbs is about? It can seem like a whole bunch of random verses compiled together. As we look closely we’ll see Proverbs is a beautifully written book meant to help us live for God in every part of our lives.

Ockenga Fellows Reflections | Topical – September, November, and March

Several days in September, November, and March Pastor Jonathan will reflect on what he is learning through the Gordon-Conwell Ockenga Program retreats and readings, covering such topics this year as government and society, education and information, and arts and media.

Wisdom for the Holidays | Proverbs – December 2019

This December Pastor Jonathan will wrap up our series in Proverbs by addressing thing we might encounter during the Christmas season (gifts, food, drink, wealth, family,  etc.) and  how God  gives us his wisdom to navigate them.

Outward Church | Acts – Winter, Spring, Summer 2020

In January 2020 we will launch a new decade in the book of Acts. We will look at the story of how the first churches started and what it means today to be a church driven and developed by the work and mission of the Holy Spirit.

Three Days | Jonah – Easter 2020

Starting on Easter – April 12th 2020 – we are taking a break from Acts to go through the book of Jonah, connecting Jonah to the resurrection of Christ Jesus.