Prayerfully collaborate with Cornerstone’s congregation to provide thoughtful opportunities for Cornerstone to engage in local, regional, and global missions.


Engage with the congregation to determine Cornerstone’s heart for missions; support local, regional, and global missions/missionaries and engage with them on behalf of Cornerstone; encourage missions opportunities; and educate/inform the congregation about missions/missionaries.

Philosophy of Missions

Click here to listen to our Philosophy of Missions sermon.

Long-term Missionaries

  • Revise, implement, and oversee the Long-Term Missions Policy.
  • Love, encourage, and pray for our Cornerstone missionaries.

Short-term Teams & Individuals

  • Revise, implement, and oversee the Short-Term Missions Policy.
  • Approve, support, and oversee short-term missions trip teams and individuals.

Missions Funding

  • Propose long-term and short-term missions funding every fiscal year, aiming for no less than 10% of the church’s operating budget.
  • Oversea long-term and short-term missionary fundraising in coordination with the Board of Deacons (Bylaws/Article VIII/Section 9).
  • Ensure the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference (CCCC) is funded at a healthy level as part of our Missions Budget.

Congregational Engagement

  • Engage and equip the congregation in missions learning, prayer, and participation.
  • Recruit members passionate about missions to serve on the missions ministry team.

Adoption Support

  • Create, implement, and oversee an Adoption Fund Policy.
  • Educate, encourage, and support adoptions and foster care across Cornerstone.

The Board of Elders supervises the Missions Ministry Team. Please contact Andy Bradshaw to learn more about the Missions Ministry Team.