Sermons from February 2020

Sermons from February 2020

Life Outside The Camp | Hebrews 13:10-16

Rev Brian Bethke, Canon for Leadership Development with the Anglican Diocese of New England preached on following Jesus outside of the camp from Hebrews 13:10-16. Check out his sermon here. We also got to celebrate Julia Pender’s baptism as part of the worship service.

Outward Courage | Acts 4:1-22

John and David are out back working on the AC Unit. John is a believer and begins to ask David, “Do you go to church?” David explains that he used to go to mass but hasn’t been in years. They talk a little bit about the differences between Catholicism and John’s church, but the details stay high-level. Catholics have priests. Protestants have pastors. Catholics baptize babies. John’s church doesn’t. They don’t talk about any real theological differences. They don’t speak…

Our True Need | Acts 3:1-26

As I was thinking about you this week, imagining you sitting in these chairs, I was thinking that we all have a need. Your need is that thing or issue that’s on your mind, and that’s weighing on you but you don’t know how to solve. If we were to each stop and publicly identify our need, we’d be here a while. Some of us would identify money as our need. We need a job, or a raise, or help…

Church Together | Acts 2:42-47

Cornerstone is a church plant. Sometimes when you tell others you’re starting a new church it’s like, “Wow! That’s amazing! You can do whatever you want!” It’s almost like people think you’re playing a game of Sim Church, kind of like Sim City or The Sims. Except instead of building a city or a neighborhood I’m putting up some stained-glass windows here, a nice cross there; I’m starting VBS and Awana and now it’s time for the baptisms.  But here’s…