'small groups' Tagged Posts

'small groups' Tagged Posts

Spring 2017 Small Group Registration

Small Group registration is going on now through May 13th.  Please signup in the church foyer after church.  We are offering 3 different Bible Study topics this Spring –  Theology 101, Resolving Everyday Conflict, & The Apostle’s Creed.  See below to read the descriptions and where the classes are helped.   Learn more about Small Groups on our ministry page.  

Bible Study Software, Website, and Apps

The following is a list of helpful resources you can use to study your Bible and prepare for small groups. We use Bible study software, websites, and apps to help us spend time diving deep into Scripture. These resources are not an end within themselves, but simply tools we can use to get to know God better through his Word. You can also visit the Cornerstone library in the Church Office. Please chat with the pastor or an elder if you…

2 Timothy 3:14-4:4 Small Group Study Guide

At Cornerstone we see Vision as what we want to become and accomplish. Our Mission is how we carry out our vision. Our Core Values are the primary characteristics and DNA of who we are. Our values also help us accomplish both our mission and vision as we focus on what matters most to us. This week we’re study our core value of “Bible – We study, preach, apply, and share God’s Word.” What do you know about the Bible?…

Acts 2:42-47 Small Group Study Guide

 Acts 2:42-47:  Small Group Study Guide, Nov 7th 2015 Community – We gather together to worship God and welcome new friends. Acts 2:42-47 Read Acts 2:42-47 together. Assign each participant to read one verse if they feel comfortable doing so. Take a moment to review last weekend’s sermon. Answer the following questions: How did God speak to you in the message? Was there anything you didn’t understand? Share a positive time you experienced community (e.g., sports team, family, church, etc.). What are…

Fall 2015 Small Groups Registration

At Cornerstone, we love Small Groups ministry! We host shorter semesters in the fall and winter/spring for 6-10 weeks. Please checkout the “Small Groups Registration – Fall 2015” email for all your signup information for this coming November. You can also checkout our Small Group Ministries webpage for more information.

Cornerstone Connect: October 18, 2015 Edition

The October 18 Edition of the Cornerstone Connect is full of information! We hope you will be involved in our Trunk or Treat on October 31!  Load up your trunk with goodies and come on over at noon to the Cornerstone parking lot.  It should be a fun afternoon for kids and adults alike!  Have questions?  Shirley Burchfield can answer them. We’d love to worship with you on Saturday at 5:00–please come!

5 Ingredients for Spiritual Meal-Making

My mom is a great cook who would make three delicious meals a day for my brothers and me. I wish I could say I inherited my mom’s love for cooking, but I never did. She tried and tried to teach me how to cook, but I never wanted to learn. Now my wife is away for a few weeks and I’m counting down the days until the lasagna she made and so lovingly stored in the freezer is gone.…