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Jeremiah 29:4-7 Study Guide

Have you ever gone somewhere you didn’t want to go? How did you feel? How did you act? What’s the background of our passage in Jeremiah 29:1-3? Who is Jeremiah? To whom is he writing? The nation of Israel is receiving two conflicting messages. In Jeremiah 28:1-4, what’s the message? In Jeremiah 29:4-9, what’s the message? How does God want the Israelites to respond to their situation? Why is it difficult? Why is it good? The sermon’s big idea was…

Cornerstone Connect: October 18, 2015 Edition

The October 18 Edition of the Cornerstone Connect is full of information! We hope you will be involved in our Trunk or Treat on October 31!  Load up your trunk with goodies and come on over at noon to the Cornerstone parking lot.  It should be a fun afternoon for kids and adults alike!  Have questions?  Shirley Burchfield can answer them. We’d love to worship with you on Saturday at 5:00–please come!

Historic Westford Church Building

On March 7th, 2001 the roof of Westford Bible Church’s building collapsed due to significant snowfall. Here are some pictures of the demolition and reconstruction. Through this process God gave Westford Bible Church, and eventually Cornerstone Congregational Church, a brand new building.  

Church Plant Collaboration

How many existing churches does it take to bring about a new church plant? In the case of newly established Cornerstone Congregational Church in Westford, Massachusetts, the Lord has been pleased to use two key churches in a primary role, along with many neighboring churches in a supportive role. This article originally appeared in the Forsee as “Around the Conference: Church Plant Collaboration”. The author, Steve Burkett is the Pastor of the Congregational Church in North Chelmsford and serves as…
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